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Grave of the Petrified is a game project by the 3rd year 3D-animation and visualization students and a couple of game design students from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Calling ourselves Burning Eyes studio our objective for this course is to make an interesting game with the use of photogrammetry. We settled on VR and PC as our primary platforms.

Chosen out of several pitches, Grave of the Petrified is set in an ancient Greek temple where Medusa is haunting and petrifying anyone that sets foot in it.
The game will be a 1st person horror escape room experience based on a widely known myth so there’s no need to explain the backstory to the player in great detail. The player starts out next to the goal (which is the exit) and needs to find the missing key pieces in order to open the door and escape.

However, one must avoid meeting Medusa’s eyes or else it’s game over. She is going to be a big monster that is slowly patrolling the temple and is only seen in glimpses or as an outline. Her location will be indicated with sound.

Early concepts of Medusa by Linde Mäkelä:

The temple will be filled with several stone statues of previous visitors who have already met Medusa’s gaze. Realistic statues can be achieved with the help of photogrammetry.

Stay tuned for more information!

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